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Адрес: 111033, Россия, Москва, Золоторожский Вал, 32
Телефон: +7 (495)66 274 11
E-mail: mail@euro-person.com
Сайт: www.europersonnel.ru
География: Москва



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Отзывы и рекомендации

Количество отзывов: 13

Cosmos Group A/S
Stig Bredved, Consultant
I know Natalia as a very professional and consistent business partner. We have during the last couple of years in connection with our common membership of the IRC-recruitment network worked closely with Executive search assigment for international and danish companies establishing or growing their organisation in the Russia and Baltic areas.
MassimilianoDarini, Senior Consultant and Executive Recruiter
I know Natalia since 2006, I can said that Natalia is a very solid and determined professional, that reaches the goal with a strong pro-activity.
Anastasia Strebkova, Consultant
Natalia brings a professional approach to everything she deals with. She is a talented, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable person. Working with Natalia was a great experience for me because of her efficiency and positive attitude! I would highly recommend Natalia to everyone who needs professional recruitment services!
Dana Blechova, Country Manager
Natalia is a very warm-hearted person who loves her job, likes networking and in general people. She provides professional service, always found very good candidates for our group. I would like to have more opportunities to work with her in Slovakia as well. I can only recommend her as an expert in HR who knows the market not only in Russia but also in neighbouring countries.
LMHR Luce Mottier Human Resources &partners
Luce Mottier, Managing Partner
Nadia and I were part of a same recruiting network a few years ago. To me, Nadia has really been a valud added as to her professionalism , friendliness, availability and was always quick and positive to react to any demand. Luce Mottier

VeronikaShemyakina, client
Whenever you contact Natalia to ask for assistance in searching for personnel, the delivered result is really perfect. The staff, hired via Natalia's agency, in at least 3 of top-50 banks in Russia, still demonstrate great results at their positions.

Vincenzo Trani, client
Natalya is a very professional recruiter , quickly understand real needless of the company and , with a huge network of contacts , was always able to find the perfect candidate in line with the open vacancy. I am really enthusiastic of cooperation with Natalya
Shell Exploration & Production B.V.
Irina Vorobyova, Senior Recruitment Advisor
I recommend Natalia as a high caliber professional in recruitment business. She is a real partner, self- confident and flexible, you can trust and rely on when looking to find suitable people for your organization.

Max Ivanenko, client
I met Natalia in the summer 2008, when she arranged me a meeting with potentail employer. She was very delicate and professional approaching the important issues. Even though she have not done placement that time, I have very positive opinion about her.

Pavel Khokhryakov, client
We worked on a regular basis with Natalia and her company, Europersonnel when I was with PSC Group. Natalia successfully completed a number of top-level executive search projects for PSC Group, including on CEO positions for our subsidiary companies, as well as top positions within Headquarters of the Group. I recommend Natalia as a highly professional executive search professional
OAO "Alpha Cement"
ВладиславКорнеев, AFR Manager
To whom it may concern: Reference letter I have been in touch with Natalia Prokhorova and Europersonnel Russia, CIS & Baltic October 2005. Having a track record of providing recruitment services in Russia and some other NIS countries, Natalia has a wide range of professional contacts in these countries. In my experience she carries out her responsibilitie s in an excellent way. In particular, her business, management and communicative skills are a great asset to the company and resulted in a significant expansion of the business. She is a good manager and excellent team player and it was a pleasure co-operating with her. Regards, VladKorneev Regional manager Russia & CIS Department Cement/Lime LLC “RHI WOSTOK

IwonaSzybka, Managing Director
Natalia I have known for the last 4 years or so. She has always reacted immediately to all inquiries we addressed to her on behalf of our client's, demonstrating her flexibility with terms and conditions. We could relay on her excellent knowledge and understanding of a difficult Russian market once advising our clients. That was extremellyhelpf ull. Her positive attitude, open mind help her to develope and maintain long terms relationships with business Partners and Clients.
Probusinessbank Moscow
Michal Janda, Head of Strategy&Marketing and Strategic Project Office
“Natalia is excellent professional and and excellent in working with people. During our short projects which we undertaken it was pleasure for me to work with her. Natalia understands client needs and she is trying to provide best value for clients which not all HR agencies i worked with are capable. I really appreciated working with Natalia!!”